Ardit Group

Founded in 1994 with the VAT K04005074J and the License n. 1614/32 with the subject of the activity of “Harvesting and processing of timber”. The company is located at Drithas Village, Libonik Unit in Korça Region and Administrator Mr.Festim Lami. The activity of the company has grown steadily making continuous investments in nature protection by planting about 100,000 poplar seedlings, walking every year at this rate we aim to reach 1,000,000 poplars. The plants sown come from breeding plants, from where about 50,000 poplar seedlings are produced every year.

Ardit Group is specialized in:

  • Production of normal wooden pallet
  • Heat treated wooden pallets
  • Pellet

Aiming at creating a full exploitation cycle, in 2014 it was invested in the establishment of a new Pelleti production line. Residues of wood as a result of its technological processing were introduced into this production line. In addition there was a need to collect an even greater amount of sawdust in the whole region, and not only, extending to neighboring countries as well Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria.

Ardit The Group has established a closed production cycle from the time of planting of Nurseries for the production of poplar seedlings, the planting of poplars on plantations, the use of plantations, processing and production of pallets and wood pellets.